Iprint graphic solutions Ltd

Digital textile printing and design solutions.
We are the first digital printer in Leicester.

We hold one of the leading digital machines with the most sophisticated systems. With our in house graphic design team, all styles are bought to life.

We have a capacity of 40,000 meters a week.

All designing is done one to one with all customers to ensure precise quality and most cost effective positioning.
We have a 100% colour match guarantee, what ever is sampled with us, will be exact in production. We work with the leading store groups and boutiques in the U.K.

The machine itself is capable of printing speeds of up to 350 linear meters per hour and has unlimited colour options. We are providing an elite service to clothing, upholstery manufactures/buyers, for our system of paper printing and transfer.

We are a family run business with 35 years of expertise in the manufacturing world of jersey and knitwear, to now providing a printing service of the highest resolution and digital standard, at the best price and pride ourselves on the best service.

We have a team of graphic designers, to be able to feed inspiration to any retail sectors, or to fine tune ideas and graphics of your own.

Why are we the best option?

We are the best as we have invested in the best machine and are fully U.K based company in Leicester.
Our resolutions are from 600x300 DPI, to 2400 DPI, an image is bought to life. Lead times are crucial in any business let alone in this high demand sector.
This is something we can provide to you at the highest standard.
From design to development we are now looking at days for full completion, instead of weeks.

We can ensure our service and product will meet your standards and needs, from fabric for bedding and cushions to commercial and high end fashion.

Pricing structure also works with in the customers favour, as being a U.K company, you do not have to worry about expensive transport costs, long lead times and most importantly business is clear and concise.